About Zeal Rentals

Zeal Rentals offers long-term car rentals to suit a range of requirements. Whether you’re looking to explore NZ at your own pace, or looking for a car while on your working holiday, Zeal Rentals has got you covered with low-cost, flexible, secure vehicles!

Why choose Zeal Rentals

The Zeal Rentals range of quality and well maintained vehicles are affordable and reliable. We offer a range of vehicle types to suit a variety of requirements and budgets and back them up with outstanding customer service and world class insurance included.

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We believe there’s a better way to get a long-term car.

Zeal Rentals is on a mission to simplify how people travel long-term in New Zealand. Whether visiting one’s family, finding a replacement car, or staying for work, travellers need an affordable, reliable, and flexible option to get around and enjoy our beautiful country.

Your safety is our priority

Trust and safety are at the forefront of what we do. All our rented cars are fully insured and comply with New Zealand’s stringent vehicle fitness standards – including the ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System) & ESC (Electronic Stability Control) systems. 

In a critical driving scenario, ESC systems use automatic computer-controlled braking of individual wheels to assist the driver in maintaining control of the car. ESC helps prevent a vehicle from “spinning out” or “ploughing out” when it loses road traction because of slipping wheels.

ABS Prevents the wheels from locking up when you apply the brakes suddenly or aggresivley. ABS allows you to steer the vehicle when the brakes are applied as it modulates the brakes to prevent skidding of wheels.

All our vehicles are equipped with NZ radio stations, Bluetooth, USB ports, Reverse cameras.
All our vehicles comply with the latest NZ road safety standards which include, amongst others, ESC (Electronic Stability Control) systems and ABS (Anti Break Systems). Learn more on (Electronic Stability Control) systems and ABS (Anti Break Systems).
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Our history

As migrants, we understand the need for having a trustworthy long-term car rental in New Zealand. It Providing us the comfort to take our time to explore our options while settling in knowing we have a safe vehicle that could conveniently take us and our families around was important – but it had to be affordable too. 

We believe that extended trips and family reconnections should never be impeded by trivial things – including car rentals. Our long-term car rentals provide travellers with an economical solution compared to leasing and daily hires, without breaking the bank.

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Genuine support

When you book a car at Zeal Rentals, you’re choosing a local business that believes in quality and genuine customer support. From start to end, we are here to ensure your experience with us is as smooth as possible. 

All our rented vehicles include the following complimentary additions for your comfort:

  • Preventative maintenance and services.

  • Fair wear and tear which includes regular and timeous tyre replacements.

  • Registration (Rego) and certificate of fitness (COF) renewals.

  • Comprehensive insurance.

  • AA Roadside assistance.

  • Vehicles that comply with the NZ Transport Act, including ESC (Electronic Stability Control) systems.

  • New touchscreen audio systems, including FM New Zealand, Bluetooth and plug-in USB for Android Auto & Apple CarPlay.

Why choose Zeal Rentals?

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