Multi Month Car Rental

Longer rents with peace of mind.

Zeal Rental’s Multi-Month: A flexible, low-commitment car rental option

Whether you’re staying in New Zealand for a while or need a replacement vehicle, we’ll help you skip the car rental hassle. Select from our range of budget to top-range vehicle options. Choosing a monthly basis car rental is now easier than ever.

Perks of Zeal’s Multi-Month Rental

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    Car rentals start from $395 for 2 weeks or $790 per month

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    Convenient online booking

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    Multiple car collection and drop-off locations across New Zealand

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    Reliable, fully serviced and maintained cars

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    Insurance and registration costs covered

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    24/7 roadside assistance with AA

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    Monthly rentals available

Multi Month Car rental
Long-term car rentals

Benefits of long-term car rental vs leasing

Long-term car rentals are becoming an increasingly popular method for companies replacing their fleets. In comparison to car leasing, where customers or businesses are obligated contractually to a fixed term. Long term rentals provide a great number of benefits:
  • Cost Saving: Long-term car rentals are generally less expensive than leasing companies.

  • Flexible booking: Car rentals are infinitely easier to book.

  • No long-term commitment: Instead of signing an extended lease agreement, long-term car rentals have fewer obligations. Customers can simply return the car once the rental period is completed with minimal fuss.

  • Lesser paperwork: Car leasing often requires documentation like credit scores, insurance, and proof of income. In comparison, long-term rentals require, at most, a driver's license and a credit or debit card.

  • Cancellation policies: Customers who wish to terminate their car lease prematurely will have to pay high fees, sometimes even the full balance of the lease period. In comparison, long-term car rentals have less strict cancellation with a 30 day notice period.

Drive longer for less

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